Driving with our technology, you will feel safer than ever.


Our aim is to effectively eliminate the blind spot as an issue for the modern driver, saving the driver thousands of dollars and, quite possibly, his or her life.


Team Members



Casimir Lesperance

Chief Technology Officer

Having a large passion for cars and engineering, Casimir Lesperance is devoted to assuring the most efficient, aesthetically pleasing product, while still ensuring that it works as smoothly as possible. Working on everything from coding and executing the software to acquiring the necessary parts and equipment, he integrates as many of his acquired skills at MIT as possible to create the best product for the customer possible.


Ernie Valladares

Chief Executive Officer

Ernie Valladares, apart from being an aspiring entrepreneur, currently attending Babson College, that has been involved in the buying and selling of a multitude of items including electronics, sneakers, clothing, and even 2 cars, has an emotional connection to  this project. His grandmother was involved in a car crash a little over a year ago which was caused because of her vehicle’s blind spot and now has physical damage that will forever plague her. This event caused him to want to come up with a solution that will prevent others from going through an accident because of their vehicle's blind spot.